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synæsthetic should be played on a larger screen in Google Chrome
firefox is not capable of playing synæsthetic due to poor SVG performance. try playing in Google Chrome

Listen up!

You’re about to hear a 3-note chord.
Your challenge is to recreate it!

Each triangle has its own note.
Hover over the triangles to play them.

Click the correct notes in the right
order to progress to the next level!

here’s a hint!

The first note of the chord is highlighted, guess the next two notes correctly to advance.

Press the space bar to play the chord again!


A train rushes past you in the subway. Birds chirp off in the distance. Someone clears their throat in line at the coffeeshop. Sound is everywhere—we are surrounded by it each and every waking moment, but not all of us experience sound in the same way. Let me show you how I experience sound. Close your eyes for thirty seconds. Snap your fingers. Do you see what I see?

I see the color blue.

Hear a frequency, see a color. Simple as that. Many creative types have it. Musicians. Mathematicians. Photographers.

As a child, I never talked about synesthesia, because I thought everyone else on the playground had it. When I realized that wasn’t necessarily the case, I kept my gift a secret. I was afraid of sounding like a crazy person. And even now in my adult life, I’m slow to bring up the subject.

So I created SYNÆSTHETIC, an interactive experience pairing color and frequency. My mind, on your screen. Each note has a color, strike a chord and progress to the next level.

My name is Ellie Pritts, and I’m a professional photographer. For years, I’ve shown the world my life through a camera lens. But with SYNÆSTHETIC, I’m showing you the world through my eyes.

Play SYNÆSTHETIC. See what I see.


Special thanks to John Taylor and JD Hartley for all their help, poetic and otherwise. This project was made with timbre.js.

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You’ve completed the game

Tweet your victory!

The first ten people to tweet get a custom digital SYNÆSTHETIC image! Congratulations to the following champions:

Here, have some wallpapers